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At Brides for Haiti bridal boutique in Dickerson Md. our mission is our story: We sell hundreds of gorgeous wedding gowns at happy prices to support an impoverished Haitian community! 

We carry dresses in every size and style, and nearly all of our wedding gowns are donated by generous boutiques. We also get a few donations from brides

themselves, and some are purchased. 


Happy Prices

Every gown is under $999. Most range in price from $499 - $800. We also have belts and veils. Yay!


Brides for Haiti is a fundraising effort run by parishioners of St. Mary’s parish in Barnesville, Md. to aid our twin parish in Carcasse, Haiti.       


We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to St. Philomena, an early Christian martyr, who is our very special patron saint and carries the well-deserved title, “Powerful With God.” 

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Saint Philomena 
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Patron Saint of our Bridal Boutique

Early Christian martyr and patron saint of babies, infants and youth.

 "Powerful with God"

About 40% of gross sales goes to help Haiti after deducting costs of advertising, business expenses, credit card fees and commissions to the staff.   St. Mary’s does not take a penny for itself and all net proceeds go to help our twin parish in Haiti.

Your purchase will help the people of Carcasse, Haiti!

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St. Mary’s parish first “twinned” with St. Joseph’s in Haiti in 2008, and since then has brought the first internet service; the first doctor to the town in a medical mission; built a school and continues to pay the teachers; built a parish center/rectory; established a new well; promotes the coffee growers trade, and is building a new church to replace the one destroyed by Hurricane Matthew.

As parishioners of St. Mary’s it is our joy-filled mission to help rebuild St. Joseph’s church and to support the community’s general health, education and economy. You can read more about our twinning mission in Haiti at

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